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Historic Image of a sewing circle held at Byers' Castle.
Byers' Castle

Byers’ Castle is situated just south of Ravenna, Ohio. Built by the John F. Byers family in 1905, the house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

John F. Byers was a prominent industrialist and inventor, having started Byers Machine in Ravenna, Ohio.

The home is a Queen Anne design featuring stained glass windows, beautifully restored hardwood floors, as well as period chandeliers and sconces.

In 1951 Sam and Ruth DiPaola purchased Byers’ Castle and raised their family on the twenty acres remaining of the original estate. The DiPaola family continues to occupy the home, and tends to the gardens, apiary, and orchard.

John F. Byers, the founder of Byers Machine Company in Ravenna, Ohio
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Between 1877 and 1880, Mr. Byers patented an oat cutter, which was sold to the Quaker Mills company, of Ravenna. (Later to become the Quaker Oats Companies.)

The concrete masonry for the house was formed on-site by the construction crew, in custom molds. The woodwork found inside of the house, was harvested from trees found on the property.

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