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Spring is here, and soon Byers' Castle will be host to a family of ducks! This mother duck chose to build her nest, which contains 12 eggs, in one of our flower beds, next to the house.


We estimate that it will take about a month or so for the eggs to hatch....

Summer harvest


Summer is winding down, which means the harvesting season is upon us. Since July through August saw very little rain, the garden had to be hand-watered every other day, which is no small task. Despite the dry summer, the green bean crop was abundant enou...

A day's worth of planting, in thirty-two seconds!





Spring is in full swing at Byers Castle.


Everyone has been hard at work making sure the Castle grounds look great, including the bees! The beekeepers report that the honey bees are busy collecting pollen and making honey. Come late summer, there should be enough hon...

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Duck Family Moves In

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